Children Rights

1.Child-Friendly Spaces in Kashmir ( on going )
Creating Play and Learning Opportunities for Children in Kashmir, we offer children of shopain district to develop social skills through various activities which is helping them to slowly develop need for quality education among communities in general and families in particular.

• Improving overall mental, physical and social well-being of 5000 crisis affected children in shopain district of Kashmir through creation of community based child protection spaces.
• Enhancing understanding and capacities of parents and community members towards the rights of the children and the need to provide a protective and enabling environment at home and in the community.
• Enhancing protection for children up to 18 years of age who are direct victims of violence are through provision of Humanitarian assistance including medical and legal aid.
• 11425 persons directly & total 13000 persons approx. are effected positively by this intervention
• Establishing 20 Child Friendly Centres
• Improved overall mental, physical and social well-being of 1300 children (6-16 years) who are part of the Child Friendly Centres
• 4000 children who are to be engaged through various other project activities of child care and protection.
• 6000 parents to be oriented on child rights
• 125 community volunteers to be identified and trained on child rights and running of the centres.