Rural Development

1. Creation of self-help groups.
Solid village institutions are core of HWVO work. we have slowly built over past eight years’ different spaces which includes formation of 50 self-help groups (SHG’s) & to develop saving/credit linkage in Kandi & Karnah blocks of district Kupwara. At a cavernous level a ground is formed which unite communities and warrant the sustainable work of HWVO.
50 SHG’s were formed which helped in saving & credit linkage with the financial institutions and also the Capacity building of these groups happened which motivated them to adapt new forms of livelihood activities in these areas of Kandi and Karna areas of Kupwara.

2. Sustainable / Organic Agriculture

The aim was to Establishment of Agriculture Demonstration Cum Extension Centre at Kandi, Kupwara was established and adopted by HWVO in the month of March 2016, in collaboration with Govt. J&K, Department of Agriculture, Kupwara while utilizing the existing facility of Agriculture Department, zone Armpora, Kupwara. The facility had an old one story building with approx. 2 kanals of land at disposal, the whole facility was almost unutilized from almost a decade, now the land including the facility has been fenced with barbed wire and shade net from all sides by Human Welfare Voluntary Organization.

Formed 15 different farmers’ groups and build their capacities in farming and also had tried to review traditional methods of farming.
Promoted Sustainable Agriculture.
low cost farming techniques were being used for rained areas of the district.
Training on Low cost technologies in greenhouse, low cost tunnels for vegetable nurseries, plastic mulching technique for retaining moisture of soil, raised bed for organic composting, PVC vermin compost units and low cost water harvesting ponds lined with plastic liner within this facility.
Different Training programs for farmers were being organized regularly on paddy cultivation, vegetable cultivation, Animal husbandry, dairy production and mushroom cultivation.
Training to farmer groups were given on vermin composting and other forms of composting methods as well.